Several Similar PoE Builds Used By A Variety Of Classes

Path Of Exile Date: Apr/20/18 13:42:36 Views: 81
In this episode of Build of the Week, GGG are doing something a little different. They are looking at several similar builds used by a variety of classes, all of which use the unique wand The Poet's Pen to trigger a specific set of spells. What results is a mind-melting sequence of movement and explosions.
Let's take a look at the official video:
"I kinda love and hate Poet's Pen. I like the concept behind Poet's Pen, but what I don't like is how my wife now refuses to play any other build that isn't Poet's Pen VD. The start of the league is her saving all her chaos to throw into 2x Poet's Pen and switching immediately after that from her bow build."
"Explosive Arrow used to be my thing (Had 3 EA level 90s in Legacy), it's current state is probably the reason why I quit every league since 3.0 within the first couple of weeks."
"Because it's fun. It's not just the clear speed. Casting a lot of skills at once is just inherently enjoyable. That's why everyone loved CoC builds so much even though they were performance destroying monsters. Also, I'm a little confused as to why this build is just getting featured now. I saw dozens of people running the exact same build last league."
"I'm sitting at level 90 on the Perma IC Heiro build, It's a fun build and does pretty much all content but at this point i'd take a Juggernaut character without Permanent IC over it."
"Poet's Pens feel like they were made for VD. They buypass the worst part of a VD build which is making corpses. Poet's pens are pretty lackluster in endgame when not playing VD."
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