Are You Looking for A Beginner Freindly Mapping Build in PoE

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Today I bring you an Essence Drain Shadow Trickster guide for version 3.2, created entirely by me for SSF. It is a variation of the Ghazzy guide that is very good, but improved a lot and without needing a single unique. I play it on Bestiary in the Xbox One and reach level 97 making all the content of the game without any problem, given the large amount of EHP and Mana Regen we have.



Super new to this game a close friend of me and i want to start in the race just for fun, now i am looking for a beginner freindly mapping build / guide (race softcore). I saw that there are loot filters and stuff like that, if you have any helpful guides for me that would be awesome.


Why i should use this build?

1- Excellent Clear Speed

2- Very good from start, leveling process is amazing

3- Doesnt require any unique and is HC and SSF viable of course

4- Amazing league starter, you can farm to level 100 with this and gain a lot of currency cause this build doesnt need it

5- Excellent Uber Lab farmer


Leveling tips:

Start with Fire Trap + Freezing pulse looking for a BBG wand. Get a Void Manipulation gem and sell it with the wand (have to be magic) for +1 chaos gem level wand.


You can go with ESSENCE DRAIN + BLIGHT + VOID MANIPULATION and use CONTAGION till you get the others gems. 


Pick six more ESSENCE DRAIN when you can and put it in the second weapon slot for leveling, so when the 6 go to level 20, you can try to make level 21 one at least. Level 21 ED is a great DPS booster.


For EMPOWER LVL3 if you are in SSF you need to wait for one drop, i have like 7 empower drops in 5 days of play, but someones doesnt have any one. You can always use DECAY instead. If you are in trade league and dont want to spend a lot, you can buy like 6 empowers level 1 and level to 2, then corrupt all of them until get someone to level 3. The in-game currency is available at the professional online gaming house. The interested gamers can buy poe exalted orbs from those professional online gaming houses in the most affordable cost.

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