Lost Ark: The Complete Guide To Fortress

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Lost Ark is a surprisingly difficult game. Dozens of quests, multiple progression systems, and mountains of content will keep players busy for hours. It's also the perfect storm to confuse new players with how certain systems work. Forts are a great example.



You can create combat items in the fortress, level up alternate characters, and more.

  • Opening of the fortress
  • Managing your fortress
  • How to upgrade and level up your strongholdStronghold
  • Obtaining Fortress Materials
  • Additional Stronghold Features
  • Leveling characters with Stronghold
  • Fortress Tips



Strongholds, known as estates in some versions of Lost Ark, act as a progression system, a crafting system, and housing for the player. If you are the one who saw the fortress system and immediately ignored it, we don't blame you. But we recommend that you invest in this system. Strongholds allow you to craft endgame consumables, level up characters, and more. Right here is often a full guide to the Lost Ark stronghold technique.



What is a Fortress?

Strongholds double as player placement and item crafting systems in Lost Ark. Opening around level 25, your strongholdStronghold serves as a base for crafting items, researching new tools, and doing daily chores. You can decorate and live in your fortress just like other MMO houses, but Lost Ark's fortresses offer so much more.

The primary use of one's fortress is to build healing potions and combat products for the endgame. If you don't need to devote thousands of gold to buy consumables from other players, you need to invest in your strongholdStronghold. This gives you many other benefits, such as the ability to passively complete daily quests and levels up alternate characters to level 50.



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Opening of the fortress

After completing the "Clerk Theo's Invitation" quest, you will receive the citadel. You will unlock this quest after recapturing Castle Luterra, which occurs during the main story at around level 25. Comprehensive the quest chain to unlock your estate and its related fast travel song.

Even if your fortress is unlocked, it will not use its full potential. Additional functions for your estate are unlocked by completing quests received in your Stronghold, finishing research projects, and raising the rank of your Stronghold.



Fortress management

Use Song of Hearth and Property to teleport for your Stronghold. It is possible to wander around your estate to access its different structures and functions, but there's a more rapid way: press Ctrl + 1. This will open a menu that may permit you to access all of your Stronghold's vital functions by way of a series of menus. To access your fortress, enter the notes menu (default F2). To decorate your estate, press Ctrl + two.


From the control menu, you can access the following:

  • Lab: Explore new stronghold features and crafting options.
  • Workshop: Create consumables and other items.
  • Station: Assign crew members to complete daily missions, including the game's final stages.
  • Homestead: Set bonuses for your Stronghold.
  • Training Camp: Level up your alts to two levels below basic.
  • Knowledge Transfer: Level up your character to 50 immediately. Costs gold.


Before continuing, let's break down what each menu does.



The laboratory is used to unlock new features for your Stronghold. Unlocking new workshop recipes, upgrading fortress parts, and unlocking new types of ships can all be done in the lab. Research projects take several hours and usually require ore and wood.



Workshops are used to create new items for the final game. HP potions, combat items, tools, and cosmetic items for your Stronghold are crafted here. To unlock more recipes for the workshop, investigation workshop upgrades using your lab. Almost all materials on trading skills are used in this menu.



Once you unlock the ship, you can assign crew members to specific missions. These missions offer currency for your Stronghold, upgrade materials, and even rewards for Chaos Dungeons and Guardian raids (explained in the Stronghold Extras section).



You can create certain buildings in your fortress that give a passive effect. This menu is used to determine which passives you want to activate at any given time. By way of example, platinum founders received a trained cosmetic that offers passive crafting bonuses to your Stronghold.


Training camp

Boot camp, unlocked at level 52, allows you to level up your characters passively. You could only level up your characters two levels beneath your highest level character. For instance, for those who possess a level 60 character, you can only level your alts to level 58 through this method. Leveling characters inside the education camp requires many days and even weeks, based on the present amount of the character and your maximum level. Nevertheless, you can use characters that can be actively instructed to be a free XP farm.


Knowledge transfer

This is the best training camp. After completing the quest, "Nothing is Impossible for Sykins"; quest, you can spend 600 gold on leveling any character up to 50. This process takes eight hours.



How to upgrade and level up your Stronghold?

Most of the stations within your Stronghold have levels that can be unlocked within your lab. In the event, you see an alternative like "Homestead lvl 2" or "Workshop lvl. Two, apt. Make researching them a priority. These investigation tasks will unlock more options within your Stronghold and advance particular questlines connected to that system. Some options also call for your Stronghold to attain a specific level. As a common rule, if you want to upgrade some aspect of your Stronghold but cannot, you'll most likely need to level up your Stronghold.



You can view the prerequisites for each fortress upgrade by selecting "All research" from the drop-down menu above the lab's user interface. For workshops, uncheck the "View Creation Opportunity"; window to see all recipes.

You earn stronghold experience, you guessed it, by using your Stronghold. Like your characters, strongholds have a level associated with them. Research, creation, and sending crew members on expeditions bring the Citadel experience. By far, the best way to level up your Stronghold is to complete missions at stations, so make sure they're always active when you're playing Lost Ark.



Obtaining Stronghold Materials

Anyone who has dealt with fortresses knows that virtually every function associated with this system requires materials to trade - ores, wood, plants, and food. Suppose you need to utilize your Stronghold at all. You need to use your trading skills often. As a quick beginner, trading skills revolve around gathering materials in Lost Ark. While in the world, press "B" to switch to your trading skill tools. Gathering ores, flowers, and wood counts as using your trading skills.

You can collect as many resources each day as indicated on your working energy bar (present when using trading skill tools). This resource passively regenerates over time and is different from the activation energy of your Stronghold.


Each material you collect has a small chance of producing uncommon and rare varieties used in more exotic recipes. For those who have just opened their estate and need materials to get started, we will briefly mention some of the good places you can find on the starting continent of Luterra—Lost Ark.'


  • Ores: Lakebar
  • Forest: Sunny Hill
  • Flowers: Dörik plain



Additional Stronghold Features

For now, we've covered everything you need for your Stronghold, but your player home can offer even more services and goods with sufficient investment. Let's quickly look at some options that unlock within your Stronghold as you level it up and comprehensive certain study projects.




Merchants are temporary merchants offering unique items. These merchants can trade seals earned from station missions for rare materials, crafting recipes, collectibles, and in some cases, new crew members for the ship. Vendors rotate in and out of one's Stronghold, so you'll want to check your stronghold everyday to determine what's obtainable.


Resource farm

Upon completing the Green Land quest; quest in the fortress, you will open a portal leading to a special resource farm onboard your fortress. This island will grow materials for trade skills that you can collect every day, although there is an important caveat: you cannot trade or sell materials obtained from this farm. You can only use them for crafting. This island also grows unique resources used to craft chests in your workshop. The items you create from these resources can be sold to other players.

Trade skill experience gained at the resource farm is greatly reduced.



As soon as your fortress reaches the tenth level, you might open the feast menu. Feasts let you craft strong consumable products that grant 2-hour buffs to you and absolutely everyone inside your Stronghold. These buffs are very strong, stack with other consumables, and persist immediately after death.


Station special missions

Reaching level 50 and completing the quest "Ilin's Request"; in the north of Vern, Chaos dungeons will open and, accordingly, special missions for your station. Special Missions are no different than regular station missions, except they also provide endgame loot, replacing the traditional endgame activity. For example, completing the Chaos Dungeon special mission will reward you with Chaos Dungeon loot along with the normal station mission rewards. They count towards your daily endgame limits (resonance in chaos dungeons, soul extraction in Guardian raids, etc.).


Pet ranch

This function is present inside the KR version of Lost Ark and may not be offered within the North American/European version. We will update this article as soon as more information about this mechanic.

In the Korean client, fortresses can eventually gain access to a pet ranch, which allows you to turn extra pets into resource farmers. You can choose up to four pets to work on your ranch, creating cookies over time. These cookies can be exchanged with the seller to improve your pets or get new pets completely. Given how pets have changed between the North and South Korean versions of Lost Ark, this system isn't as useful if ported from one version to another.


Leveling characters using the Stronghold

We described this earlier inside the guide, but this mechanic is so powerful that it needs its section. With all the support from the coaching camp plus the information transfer menu, you can completely refuse to level up your alternate characters. This is different from the Power pass available upon reaching level 50; this function has no limited use.


The training camp opens upon reaching level 52 by any character. This system allows you to level up your alternate characters for free. With this method, you can only get your alts up to 2 below max level, but it doesn't cost gold. You can still play characters that actively use the training camp, so be sure to take advantage of this opportunity.


Expertise Transfer is often a relatively new feature added to Lost Ark that allows you to level up any character to 50. Players can unlock this technique by completing the "Nothing Is possible for Sikins" quest. Quest. Unlike the instruction camp, this expenses 600 gold and takes eight hours. Lost Ark Gold is a precious resource within the endgame, so we don't advocate you use this method until you have a steady gold flow. After you've accomplished that, it is a great strategy to expand your character roster.


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Stronghold Tips

  • Always activate the station mission. This is your main way to earn Stronghold and seal experience.
  • Focus on upgrading your homestead first, as this unlocks most lab options.
  • Before you log out, send your team on a long mission to the station. You could claim your rewards any time you log in.
  • Activate the feast before heading to the Void Dungeon or Legion Raid (when available). They provide free statistics.
  • Every time a trade merchant sells a collectible, buy it. Collectibles provide rewards that boost your character's stats, grant skill points, and more.
  • Use your trading skills whenever possible. You will need thousands of ore, wood, and other materials to unlock all the possibilities of your fortress.
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