Lost Ark: How to complete the quest many islands, on legend

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Temma, a former treasure hunter, is stranded on White Wave Island in Lost Ark for a long time after her ship sank catastrophically. Now, too afraid of the sea to pursue her old leads, she offers passing adventurers a chance to be the first to touch the treasures of three outlying islands if they can trace her clues and bring her their finds.



First Stop: Peyto

Before players can go on a treasure hunt, they first need to figure out exactly where they should be sailing. Back in Peyto, the old place where Temma roamed, these players will find Ingran, one of Temma's treasure hunting companions, who can shed light on the treasure she was looking for.

Standing near the starboard stern of the Peyto, he informs the player about the Triplets, a series of three islands where a trio of former hunters managed to hide their valuables. The three also buried maps hinting at the location of their treasures on the sandy shores of each island, creating an additional hunt for those after what they had hidden.

While hunting for cards, the player will go to each of the Triplets, one by one, to help Temma piece together the trio's hidden treasure.

  • White Wave Island
  • Little Fortune Island
  • Outlaw Island



White Wave Island

The first card can be found in loose soil northwest White Wave Island. Randomly found next to Temma's shack, this filthy mound can be interacted with to receive a card.



Outlaw Island

Getting the final map from Outlaw Island can be especially difficult for many different reasons. First, the island is located to the west of Procyon's wall, which suggests that gamers have to have a complete Lost Ark items degree of at the very least 460 and comprehensive the Yorn quest chain to have it.

In addition, the island of criminals. - one of the very few places in Arcesia where PvP battles are always active. In the context of completing this quest, other players who have landed at the same time as potential treasure hunters can attack and kill them while looking for a map of the island.

With these conditions, players can find a map hidden on the northeastern shore of this tiny island, where the waves crash into the beach. With all three cards in hand, players can return them to Temma to complete the quest and receive the reward.

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