NBA 2K23 In-Depth Review

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NBA 2K23 is a return to form for the usually exceptional series, improving gameplay, while the new additions to modes like MyNBA and MyTeam help the game modes feel less stale. Here, we've put together an in-depth review of the game, and there are several facets to the game.


NBA 2K23 In-Depth Review


The photorealism of the series returns. You'll get sweat beads on your player's heads, down their arms and legs, and a degree of uniform degradation when the players run through and make contact with the defense. They've even managed to do something unheard of in sports games – the crowd looks realistic, and it reacts to the action on the court as it happens. The basketball looks as real as it has ever looked in 2K23.


1). Controls

In NBA 2K23, players are granted far more control over each player, and ankle-breakers are easier than ever to achieve when you utilize what is effectively the trick stick or the right analog.

2). Shot selection system

The shot selection system also allows pretty much everyone to sink long-range three-pointers. In NBA 2K23, a bar will appear every time you take a long-range shot. The better the shooter you are, the bigger the green icon, and when you hit green exactly, you're guaranteed an easy three points. There's also new feedback for every shot you take in the form of shot arcs, which show where a player went wrong.

3). New flair passes and dunk animations

Some new flair passes have been added to the game, as well as some mesmerizing dunk animations. Featuring more ways to personalize your game and get creative with what you're able to do on the floor.

4). Adrenaline boosts

NBA 2K23 also has adrenaline boosts that limit how often you can dribble or play aggressively. You'll get three per player, and every time you make a drive, you'll lose one.

5). Jump-shot ratings

One thing almost exclusively to individuals is the jump-shot ratings – you'll know when you're using a player like MJ with a jump shot compared to a clunky defensive-minded player. This is excellently utilized.


1). Create your own MyPlayer

You can create your own MyPlayer and dive into the world of NBA, attempting to become a social media star and looking to climb the ranks in the basketball world.

2). Upload your face scan

You can upload your face scan and get in the game, but regardless of the name you pick, you will be known as 'MP.'

3). New Leadership Skill Tree

There is also a new Leadership Skill Tree, where you can decide to be a Trailblazer with brash responses or a General with diplomatic responses.

4). Unlock vehicles

You can unlock vehicles to take you from A to B faster, such as skateboards and go-karts, and there are races involving those items too.

5). Different shops

There are also different shops where you can spend VC, the in-game currency, and a distinct Black Lives Matter area.

6). Online element

It's nice to have an online element to MyPlayer, and it isn't the first time, but we'd expect the City to be much smoother on PS5.

The Jordan Challenge

NBA 2K23 rolls nicely into the Michael Jordan Challenge, which hasn't been seen in a game since 2K11. But this time, it has 15 different challenges to play and benefits greatly from the mentioned era-specific presentation and gameplay tweaks to form what is perhaps the best love letter to the sport found in a video game to date.


MyTeam throws out some fan services too. The six-week seasons keep things fresh for those who love the collect-a-thon. The long-requested addition of the Triple Threat mode getting online co-op has finally made it into a release, and it's as fun as expected. And players can now take part in Clutch Time via a single-player experience is a highlight of the mode. Finally, NBA 2K23 MT is as important as ever in MyTeam.

MyNBA Eras

You can dive into one of four different periods and attempt to take your team to playoff glory.

The choices on offer are as follows:

1). The Magic vs. Bird Era, which will take you back to 1983 and give you the chance to build around an exciting young prospect by the name of Michael Jordan;

2). The Jordan Era, in 1991, which includes the powerhouse Shaquille O'Neal coming to prominence;

3). The Kobe Era, which will give you the opportunity to draft the likes of O'Neal, Kobe Bryant, and LeBron James;

4). The Modern Era, in 2022, which is essentially the standard edition of the mode.

This is one of the most intriguing ideas ever put in a sports game, and each time features authentic commentary, arenas, and court types.

The City

The City returns to the mode in a smaller form and even includes critical details like fast travel stations. It's still funny to see all the different characters players create and turn loose on new rewards like golf carts.

The W

The W also returns with some must-haves as it continues to expand, this time boasting a playable All-Star Game and Commissioner's Cup.


• RATING: 9.6/10

When running down the list of possible upgrades or fan requests for NBA 2K23, chief among those would be more detailed gameplay, especially on offense, an expansion of history-spanning experiences, requested additions to the biggest modes, and a better learning curve for new players. NBA 2K23 checks all those boxes. Those 2K aficionados will find a deeper experience than ever before that will keep you playing for the entire season. Small technical gripes aside, this is one of the best sporting games ever. With a patch, that 9.6 becomes a 10.

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