Maximizing TERA Warrior Deadly Gamble

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If we are ready to start a fight, then this is the perfect opportunity to talk about Deadly Gamble, our class-specific buff. It is the main source of damage, and in it, the priorities we learned earlier are altered. As we know, Deadly Gamble doubles the edge generation from Blade Draw and Rain of Blows. This opens a bunch of possibilities. U4GM.COM offer the cheap Tera Gold for EU/US server on PS4/Xbox One/PC. Buy TERA Gold for all serves on Xbox One, PC, PS4 with low prices, fast delivery, safe payments and 24/7 online service!




The general rule is still the same, except, while in Deadly Gamble, our Aerial Scythe cooldown is low enough that we can now alternate between one Aerial Scythe and one Scythe. In Deadly Gamble, because of how fast Edge generation is, and how fast cooldowns are up again, it is generally better to stack to 10 Edge if you can and skip to the second part of Aerial Scythe directly. Only if you don’t reset Blade Draw, you should use it from 8 Edge instead.


Regardless, the priorities in Deadly Gamble are much simpler. Because every Blade Draw chain (except Vortex Slash -> Blade Draw) is now a 5 edge chain, and because of Blade Waltzes now insanely low cooldown, you will always either be at 10 Edge, or have an easy way to stack to 8/10 edge regardless, as you can use the second cast of Blade Waltz after your Blade Draw as an Edge-corrector, which you can chain into Rain of Blows to land at 8 edge, from where on you can use Poison Blade to land on 10 if you need to use Scythe.


If you reset Blade Draw just once, you already have the most optimal scenario that can happen to you, regardless of which of the two edge-consumers you will be using. The added bonus is that Blade Waltz also cancels the ending animation of either Scythe, so you will have a smooth start into the next Edge-stacking process. Some Warriors prefer to cancel the ending animation of Blade Frenzy with either Evasive Roll or Death from above, as Blade Waltz can’t cancel it. However, it doesn’t make too much of a difference, and worst case scenario, you might actually cancel the skill before you dealt the big hit if you are not used to the timing yet. So really, in the end, it doesn’t matter too much.


A final tip for maximizing damage in regards to Deadly Gamble is that if you have low enough ping, play with a Bravery potion and have your Traverse cut buff, you can use a full cast of Aerial Scythe instead of skipping it directly in a reset scenario. The first part of Aerial Scythe does considerable damage, and when you do this, you also give your Blade Waltz (or any other skill) a little buffer to be up again for your Scythe. This squeezes out just a little bit more DPS and makes it slightly smoother to play. However, if you have to reposition/roll a lot, you should still skip to the second hit, since your goal is to get 4 Aerial Scythes in a Deadly Gamble usage, with the last one being used before the Buff ends so it has a low CD and effectively gives you a fifth one right afterwards.

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