How To Have A Healthy Sleep When You Play PoE

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Although Playing Path of Exile is more or less harmless, there are ways how you can make gaming more enjoyable. Do you know how to enjoy a healthy sleep while enjoying playing PoE? In fact, keeping an eye on poe currency purchase, you will have more time to sleep.
1. First of all: a bi-phasic sleeping pattern isn't optimal
Which means that you nap or take a 'siesta' in the afternoon. It won't kill you though. Sleeping irregularly may make you feel dizzy, absent-minded or mess with both your short and long term memory. Try to sleep once a day.
2. Keep your bed for sleeping only
You don't want to do anything else in your bed such as chill and watch streams or even read a book. Your bed should only be associated with sleep.
3. Try not to go from playing PoE straight to bed
If possible, do something else for 30 minutes - this doesn't have to be unrelated to PoE, you can watch streams for example, just don't go from playing straight to bed as this has the chance of making you restless.
You may get dreams or random flashes or whatever about PoE if you've been no-lifing it up. Don't worry, this is normal and everyone who has ever played the game 2048 or a lot of tetris will know this feeling. In fact, the phenomenon is named after tetris, this is completely harmless, don't get freaked out by it.
4. Make sure you get plenty of magnesium and if you're a girl also iron
Men typically don't need iron and too much iron can be dangerous for men. This can help combat restless leg syndrome which plagues gamers. It is most common in females and usually runs in the family, but you may randomly have it depending on the situation. Something I'd recommend ordering is ZMA which can be bought on most sites that sell supplements. There's no real difference between different ZMAs except for how they are chelated.
5. Brush your teeth
Brush your teeth as soon as you've decided you're not eating or drinking anymore for the day (except water of course). The longer you wait, the less likely you're not going to brush your teeth. May as well do it right away.
6. It is easier to wake up early than it is to wake up late and try to go to bed early
You can try using melatonin as a supplement: it is harmless, doesn't create dependency and is typically effective.
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