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Hi guys, I just wanted to share this should any of you have any problems with shoddy FPS and/or sound bugging. This configuration has never caught my eye nor I had any idea what it is for. Today I was in a Beachhead rotation and my sound stopped working.. But my FPS was REALLY good, like never before, the game was smooth as silk even with 2 WI users in the party. I decided to investigate the reason, and found out several old forum and reddit posts about this. Turns out Reverb does more harm than good in most clients (unless you are running a $5k gaming rig, probably) and it directly affects performance negatively. Turning it off and channel count to high didn't improved my sound at all but it did improved my gameplay BY A LARGE AMOUNT.



I have never played PoE this smoothly before, I am truly amazed and hope this can help you guys too. If this is common knowledge please let me know and I'll delete the post, just wanted to share something seemingly helpful with ya'll :) Also, a easy way for you to gain poe orbs fast is to poe buy items on U4GM. 


Did some further test with sounds and some findings are:


  • Channel count doesn't seem to influence anything, I just set mine on high
  • Turning all sounds off except for Item Filter and Chat Alerts improved my FPS BY A BIG, HUGE LARGE AMOUNT. I have no words to describe it. It feels like another game. I wish I discovered this before selling off my entire wild strike build because it sounded awful. Oh well.
  • I am truly confused by how PoE handles sounds and had no idea it could have this huge impact on performance. From now on I'll just play with item filter and chat alerts, can also listen to some podcasts or spotify in the background as a good side effect lol. Guess I'll have to live with not knowing when breachlords land in breaches.
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